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Finally… Someone To Unlock The Driving Opportunities Hiding In Your Data

Shortcut your learning curve with personalised race driver coaching. Helping amateur drivers to reach the podium (and stay there!)

“…and guess what? It worked! Two wins!”

Jonathan Lisseter (2022 series Champion)

“As a racing driver, you face unique challenges both on and off the track. Think of me as part of your extended team – your mission control – providing you with personalised support and guidance to help you overcome any obstacles and reach your full potential.

Whether you need help analysing your data, setting and achieving goals, managing stress and emotions, or developing mental toughness, I will work with you one-on-one to create clear, structured plans and a safe space where you can be confident in your success this season.”


I will make you faster.

Hi I’m Samir Abid. 👋 Founder of Your Data Driven, host of the Your Data Driven Podcast, performance engineer and… successful driver coach!

Expert Analysis and Actionable Knowledge

As a performance engineer I’ve spent over two decades working in motorsports and with the best Olympic coaches in the world.

Through this experience, I have developed a unique approach to helping racing drivers improve their results on the track.

Using data analysis and professional engineering skills, I am able to identify specific areas for improvement and provide actionable knowledge to help you reach your goals – whether that’s fighting for a championship, breaking into the top ten, or simply becoming more consistently fast.

Friendly, Supportive and Competitive Coaching

I am also an experienced amateur racing driver myself so have a deep understanding of the challenges and emotions drivers face.

My goal is to empower you to deliver the best performance possible, and to help you overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back.

I offer a friendly, supportive and competitive coaching style, with a focus on helping you drive as slow as you need too, to win…

Proven Results and Success Stories

I have a proven track record of success, with all five of the drivers I coached in 2022 improving and achieving some combination of first pole, podium, win or championship win… just imagine how good that would feel if that was you?

Structured Path to Help You Achieve Your Goals

I’ll do a one-off analysis on some of your existing video and data, to show you where you have opportunities to improve and give you a feel for how we could work together.

Then, if you’re impressed, we can discuss creating a structured plan around your racing calendar, and my existing commitments, to help you reach your goals as a driver this season.

No more condescending paddock bravado.

No more hand-wavey, horse whispering.

Just simple, clear and direct analysis and support to help you focus on what matters most.

Choosing a Coach is a Big Step

I get it…

Motorsports is expensive enough. Will I really see any improvements?”

Clearly I’m going to say yes, but, so you can better evaluate what I can do for you, on the rest of this page you’ll find:

  • 5 driver testimonials written and video (I asked them to say stuff to help you decide)
  • – Details of how the coaching works (and what you can expect to get)
  • – The coaching packages on offer (and how much they cost)
  • – A detailed FAQ with honest answers to questions you might have.
  • – Plus you might like this link on what I think makes a good coach

Have a read. Have a think. Then, when you’re ready, you can contact me here and we can get the ball rolling.

Note, I’ve limited capacity to help a handful of drivers at any one time. I don’t want to go all hard sell on you, but if you think this might be what you need, then reach out sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Congratulations, on taking the first steps towards achieving your racing goals this season.

Driver Testimonals


Andrew Cohen-Wray


“I’ve worked with Samir for 2 seasons. Progress has been incredible. You might think data is for the elite, but Samir has delivered everything to me in a really simple way. Its been incredible and taken seconds and seconds off my lap times. The confidence he inspires in me is fantastic. If you’re thinking data isn’t for you, trust me it is. It has worked for me really really well.”

Driver coaching - Analysis Coaching client... Andrew Cowen-Wray

Jeff Valeo

Remote Driver coaching on Zoom. Analysis Coach by Your Data Driven.

Samir and I worked together throughout the SCCA Runoffs this year (TWICE NOW!) Prior to each session Samir had a full plan with a few actionable items for me to focus on. They were not only actionable but backed by the data, so I was able to confidently implement them on track.

Over the course of the week Samir helped me find multiple seconds, and when I wasn’t able to put together a final qualifying lap Samir kept me in the right mindset to not get down.

In the race I was able to utilize everything Samir said and I made up 15 positions in the first half. A driver error — all me — pushed me back, but I was still able to finish knowing I had improved so much throughout the week. 

Samir is a master not only with the data, but also with ensuring you have an actionable plan and the right mindset each time you hit the track. Looking forward to working together in future.


Jonathan Lisseter


“Your approach and explanation of each of the different channels of data was very clear and made it easy for me to understand. I can now confidently download my data and know exactly where to start looking to find improvements in braking and throttle application.

You made it clear to focus on the plan. It made it a lot easier for me to apply it on track and guess what it worked… Two wins!”

… and now a Champion!


Tom Coller

“Its a pleasure to share my videos and data with you. 

Thanks for the info, to be honest I felt a little worried about sharing data as there is no where to hide. Never really had anyone to look through data especially of your knowledge and experience…

So to get such great feedback and to know the data looks impressive has put a big smile on my face..

I had noticed most of the points you have raised so again great to see I’m noticing the right improvement areas.

We had adjusted the brake pedal to best adapt it for my liking but still was not fully comfortable. This was one issue which accounted for loss of time on brakes but still, even on track felt many times I could do better on transition from braking through early turn in…

Love the idea of getting tighter on 2nd hairpin [for a] simple time gain something I had not noticed.. 

I fully understand the benefit of data along with an expert to analysis it. Now even more so after just one short email can see why so many people appreciate your skills and ability to quickly find easy gains… Look forward to catching up soon!”


Dave Devine


“The enthusiasm, expertise and friendly approach of Samir make him a very useful tool when looking for extra lap time.

He supplied constructive feedback after only a couple of runs, and then continual improvements throughout the day. I’m looking forward to working with him again!”


How Remote Driver Coaching Works

Data Evaluation

You upload your onboard video, data and driver feedback, plus any other setup info.Your data will be analysed.

Summary Report

Your summary report includes a corner by corner analysis, with your best opportunities summarised.

Coaching Call

Guided by the analysis findings, you’ll get a 1-2-1 coaching session to ask questions, discuss and prioritise your opportunities.

Data Evaluation

Expert analysis of your data including driver feedback, onboard video and logged data.

Analysis types:

– Single driver practise session

– Single driver race analysis

– Driver v Driver fastest lap

– Setup A v Setup B

– Crash analysis

AiM, VBox, MoTec, Race Technology, Apex Pro, Garmin Catalyst, GoPro w/GPS…

Any custom maths channels used are included for you too.

Summary Report

Detailed 20-30 page visual report summarising the analysis findings. What is going well as well as what you can improve on.

All recommendations are specific, backed by data and include annotated onboard video overlays.

Typical sections include:

– Lap times and sector consistency review: “Where should you focus first?”

– Line analysis: “Is it better to turn in earlier or later?”

– Braking technique review: “Should you brake more, less, faster, slower? Should you heel and toe, or not heel and toe? To left foot brake, or to not?”

– Turn by turn analysis “Are you in the right gear, on the right line and braking correctly … every time?”

– Opportunities summary: “Ok, distill all that for me! What should I do next time out? What lap time is possible…” 👇👇

Coaching Call

40-60 minute live coaching call via Zoom. Together we walk through the report findings, review your data/video and discuss your best opportunities.

This is your chance to clarify your feelings in the car and ask questions. The coaching call is recorded and yours to keep afterwards.

Race Driver Coaching Packages

Fast Lap

Your Top 3 Opportunities To Go Faster



Fast Turn Around Pre-Quali Or Pre-Race



Achieve Your Seasons Goals


* Pricing exclusive of local taxes. Payment in advance. In-person coaching is plus expenses. Multiple days, group packages, events outside the UK and custom season packages quoted individually. Premium express same-day turn around available. Email me


Frequently asked Questions

Is remote coaching effective?

Yes. The service is well established now thanks in part to lockdown. Recommendations fall into two camps: track specific and driver specific. The driver specific ones are things you can work on in your next session at any track. The track specific ones provide enable you to prepare for your next qualifying session. Having the analysis done this way, documents your achievements more thoroughly than in the moment conversations. You also get the recording of our coaching call to watch (and re-watch) with the report. Drivers do this in the week before an event, even at a different track. Sometimes even between sessions. No driver has gone slower!

What if you can’t find any improvements?

Well you’ll be doing great! However there is always more you can do to improve. I fact I guaranteed it. If there is no more pure laptime left to find then our focus switches to higher order driving refinements. For example, do you have to be 10/10ths everywhere or can you take less risk with minimal effect on lap time? Good drivers can easily overdrive in their quest for more lap time. I have coached the Stig (true!) and when you are a driving god drivers often benefit from the reassurance of knowing they really are getting everything out of the car. Coaching is about finding you lap time, and I’ve never not found opportunities, but it is also about helping you grow and level-up as a driver. Less mistakes, better feedback, more consistency, better concentration, better braking, more confidence. Challenge me, maybe you will be the driver where I can’t find the lap time improvement, but remember every pro driver on the planet knows they can improve. I’ll help you focus and prioritise what that looks like for you.

Who is this race driver coaching for?

This coaching is design for race drivers looking to leave no stone unturned in their quest for lap time gains. The serious driver who wants to level-up and take a more professional approach to getting the most fun and enjoyment from their time on track. A driver looking to get clarity on exactly what they need to do to go faster so they can focus all their efforts on the fun of executing on track.

If you are a front runner in a competitive race series, you will know that the last few seconds are the hardest to find. This service will find your best lap time opportunities and prioritise them for you. You then have the fun of putting them into action. Using your data, you will know objectively if there is more time in you the driver or from your car. Maybe you don’t need to spend a fortune on that engine rebuild after all… ?

If you are relatively new to racing or stepping onto the grid for the first time, then this service provides you with the reassurance that you are starting on the right foot. You will have the right expectations, achievable goals and best foundation to build on for the future. Think friendly and genuine, rather than condescending. Expert support rooting for you and celebrating you crossing the line (even remotely.) Not many really appreciate what you’re going through…

Racing is not for everyone. For you, motorsports might be about the joy of driving on track as fast as you can. For the track day or HPDE driver, the service focuses on breaking down the components of “you” the driver. Profiling the key skills of braking, throttle and steering application you will get clear direction on what is really possible, what good looks like and precisely how you can get there.

Do you coach sim racers?

Yes. The benefit of sim racing is that the data is more reliable. There is also a lot more of it which is great for someone coaching you. You do need to be clear on what your race driver coaching goals are though. Are you mainly (only) aiming to race online, or, are you using your sim as a driver development tool to help your real world track driving? They require two different approaches, so just make your goals clear on the application form.

Do you coach kart racers?

I’ll be honest, my experience is with cars and circuit racing. The approaches do translate but I know enough about karting to know that there is certainly more for me to learn. If that is ok with you and you are running some data and video on your kart, say an Alfano or AiM system, apply and we can discuss. If I don’t believe I can help you, I promise to tell you from the start.

My video is huge! How do I get you my data?

For the remote race driver coaching, at a minimum you will need to send me your:

– onboard video *
driver feedback
– logged data

I appreciate this can get pretty huge! Please find a decent internet connection to upload and share all your files to a folder in a cloud storage service. My preference is Google Drive or both of which have free tiers. Share to:

* Clear onboard video, with a camera solidly mounted in the car and where you can hear the engine is essential. If you can see the driver inputs even better, but there must be a clear view of the track. Seperate video and data is fine – say from a GoPro and AiM Solo. The lowest workable resolution is on the basic VBox (720p)

Can you tell me what you mean by “driver feedback” ?

You need to give me context to your video and logged data. The way you do this is with driver feedback notes sent to me in a document. Add as much detail as you can – pictures and sketches are encouraged. See this guide on what good driver feedback looks like. Include any areas of your driving you are working on and want me to look at. Your data will reveal an element of your personality in the car (true!) but not your thoughts and feelings.

For example, you might be uncertain on the best line through turn 3. You might want to know your best opportunities on the brakes into turn 7.

Ask yourself these questions: How was that session for you? What one thing was holding you back? Where are you unsure?

Coaching is a service but it works best if you consider it a little like a brotherhood. Remember we’re on the same side of the table. I will need your help to understand what is going on. I will have my own questions for you too.

Does it matter the brand of data logger?

No. Most people using this service will have a GPS based data logger – like an Aim Solo.

All major data logger brands are supported for example:AiM, VBox, MoTec, Pi, Race Technology, Apex Pro, Garmin Catalyst and even a modern GoPro with GPS turned on.

If your logger brand doesn’t appear, make sure you specify what you use when you apply.

How long does remote race driver coaching take?

3 to 4 days. This includes the time to receive and check your data. To conduct the data evaluation. Preparation of the summary report. Scheduling and conducting of your race driver coaching call to suit your diary, timezones etc.

With prior arrangement, you do have premium options if you need a faster turn around. In my experience however, remote driver coaching offers you most value when there is at least 6-8 hours between when you finish your session and when you are next out on track. Think of this as a deeper analysis than what you are able to achieve during a hectic day at the circuit.

What is the refund policy?

If you are not happy, I will give you your money back. I’d much rather I added you to the driver coaching testimonials section though so all I ask is the opportunity to work with you to make good on the situation first.

I have other questions…

Drop me an email Will be a pleasure to help you.